In the age of the Information Explosion, knowledge is the key to consciousness and identity. As the People of the Book we have a unique heritage of the teachings of the Torah and the Sages through the generations. This resource is not just for a small enclave of scholars. Knowledge of Torah is vital for every man, woman and child. If one knows where one comes from, one knows so much more clearly where one is now and where one is going. This knowledge itself is vital to ensure the continuity of our people.

Join one of the weekly classes, JLI Series, Rosh Chodesh Society, or request a one on one class with the Rabbi or Sara.

All classes are held at the Rohr Chabad Center, 701 Harlem Avenue

Friday Evenings @ Candle lighting time (once candle lighting is after 7:00pm, the class will be at 7)
Class on Jewish Law

Saturday Mornings @ 9:30 am
Class on Chassidic Philosophy

Sunday Evenings at 7:30 PM
Talmud Class

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